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Roberto M. Serra

Assoc. Professor of Quamtum Technology

Roberto Serra, Roberto M. Serra, R. M. Serra
Short Bio

I run a quantum information science and technology research group at UFABC, in São Paulo metropolitan area, Brazil. I obtained my PhD in Physics from UFSCar (São Carlos, Brazil) and performed postdoctoral research at Imperial College London (UK). I was an associate member of the ICTP in Trieste (Italy). I also was a Royal Society ‘Newton Advanced Fellow’ of the  University of York (UK). My research interest is quite broad concerning quantum mechanics and its implications for information science or vice-versa. Such interest also embraces quantum thermodynamics. I am involved with both theoretical and experimental research. I have a penchant for the exciting challenge of translating abstract theoretical ideas to a laboratory setting. Part of my free time is dedicated to home brewing; exploring different flavours that arising from new hops and malted barley combinations.

Research keywords: Quantum Information Science, Quantum Computation, Quantum Communication, Quantum Physics, Quantum Technologies, Quantum Thermodynamics.

Research Highlights
Finacial Support

Our research has been funded by several supporting agencies

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